Authena will be at CES23 – find out what CES is and who will be there

06 Dec, 2022
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Authena will be at CES23-

All companies appearing at CES, including Authena, believe that technology aims to change our future for the better, and it should serve customers to make their lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. That is why in 2023 you will find us again at the most important tech event in the world.

What is The Consumer Technology Association?

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is a trade organization representing the $505 billion U.S. consumer technology industry and bringing together over 1,500 companies.

Among the goals of CTA are educating policymakers in order to protect innovation from strict legal regulations that limit the development; creating job opportunities for high-skilled employees; investing in programs and partnerships to increase diversity and inclusion; and supporting organizations using technology to serve seniors and people with disabilities.

In addition, CTA is the organizer of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – probably the most prominent tech event in the world.

CES is the opportunity for revolutionary technologies, companies, global innovators and visionaries to connect. It promotes every aspect of the sector, covering both traditional and innovative tech industries. It also includes a conference program where pioneers and business leaders address the most relevant and up-to-date topics.

The first edition of the event took place in New York City in 1967. At that time, CES was attended by 250 exhibitors and 17,500 participants. Since then, the trade show has grown more than 10-fold. Throughout the years it has hosted such eminent exhibitors as: Abbott, AMD, Bosch, Canon, Google, John Deere, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, P&G, Samsung, Sony and many others. Most companies return to the fair each year to showcase their latest products, innovations, and ideas.

When is CES 2023?

The next CES will take place from January 5 to 8, 2023. From Thursday to Sunday, you will be able to learn about the visions, solutions, and inventions of over 2,400 exhibitors from 166 countries and regions of the world.

Where is CES 2023?

CES 2023 will be held in Las Vegas. The Conference Center will be attended by representatives of the most influential companies in the industry operating in 41 different technology categories. It is the perfect place to meet the biggest players, establish new business contacts, attract investors, and present your idea to the world.

Where can you find Authena at CES23?

CES showcases companies including manufacturers, developers, and providers of consumer technology delivery systems, content, hardware, and more. We are thrilled to be among them. Let’s meet where startups and new ideas are funded: in the Swiss Pavilion at the Eureka Park exhibition, booth: 61433.

What will Authena be presenting at CES23?

Authena contributes to creating an open and inclusive metaverse that allows for the implementation of transparent and secure phygitals. By using the power of blockchain and IoT devices, we protect the authenticity, prevent diversion and ensure real-time traceability of physical and digital products such as NFT. We believe that the metaverse as a shared digital reality has the potential to become tomorrow’s workspaces, concert halls, vacation destinations or anything else that has a place in the physical world today. We would like to share with you our vision of safety, data security and phygital products’ authenticity in the Web3.

In which category Authena will be exhibiting at CES23?

The solutions we want to present at this year’s CES concern such categories as: Blockchain, IoT/Sensors, Metaverse, secure phygitals and Web3. If you want to gain insight into the technologies of tomorrow and meet the people who create it, you should visit CES and check out our booth. Book a meeting and learn more about the future of the web.


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