Casella Meyer Partners with Authena to Guarantee Authenticity of Limited Edition Garments

30 Mar, 2023
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Authena & fashion brand Casella Meyer

Zurich, Switzerland – Casella Meyer, high-end fashion brand known for its focus on fabrics and embellishment, has announced a partnership with Authena, the Glomo awarded technology company specialized in authenticity and traceability.

The driving force behind the partnership is to guarantee the authenticity of Casella Meyer’s highly limited garments and to protect its client from fakes, while placing each product on the border between the digital and the physical, blurring the line between the two worlds.

Casella Meyer Introduces Authena SHIELD™ Technology for Enhanced Garment Traceability & Authenticity

Casella Meyer aims to transform each of their high quality garments into interactive and secured items. Authena SHIELD™ plug-in authentication and traceability solution has made this a reality in a fast track. The technology combines encrypted IoT devices with blockchain to protect authenticity, prevent diversion, and provide real-time traceability.
The Authena end-to-end platform, enables Casella Meyer to track their items along their supply chain and allows clients to verify instantly the authenticity and provenance of their purchases. By reading the NFC tags embedded in the garments’ labels, customers can also access a landing page reporting traceability information, including the raw material provenance and production sites. This feature enhances transparency and sustainability, helping customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Digital Product Passport: A New Standard for Authenticity, Traceability & Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Our partnership with Authena is a significant step in protecting our brand and ensuring our customers receive genuine drops.” says Nicola Crimi, Managing Director of Casella Meyer “It also enables us to engage with our community in a new and innovative way, providing them with greater transparency and trust in our supply chain and products in general.”

Matteo Panzavolta, CEO and Founder of Authena, said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Casella Meyer to provide their customers with the highest level of authenticity and traceability. Our technology is a powerful tool for combating counterfeiting at the source, protecting creativity and making the sustainability efforts visible to clients at each purchase. We are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the fashion industry as a whole.”

The collaboration between Casella Meyer and Authena has a significant impact on the fashion industry as a whole by setting a new standard for authenticity and traceability. It encourages other high-end fashion brands to adopt similar technologies to protect their brand image and equip each of their products with a Digital Product Passport (DPP).

About Casella Meyer: Aesthetic Expression Rooted in Community and Redefining Luxury

Casella Meyer is an aesthetic expression that takes the energy and intimacy of the streets and transforms them into fabrics, garments, and designs. Their pieces explore the space between craftsmanship and industrial production, the analog and the digital, with a focus on refined embellishment. They bring this attention to detail into all aspects of their design practice, from the design and production of the pieces, to the packaging and the customer experience. Rooted in a community of creatives, their practice is driven by the desire to foster creative partnerships based on shared values and vision. They reference cultural elements and bring them back into the world of fashion, redefining the notion of luxury.

About Authena: Combining Blockchain and IoT Devices to Ensure Authenticity and Prevent Diversion

Authena is a Swiss company founded in 2018 that specializes in Authenticity and Traceability as a Service™ platform, enabling instantaneous verifiable trust across entire value chains. Authena’s technology combines the power of blockchain with multiple proprietary IoT devices to ensure authenticity and prevent diversion.

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