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Jun 16
Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021 , Alessandro Tacconelli

How a start-up combats counterfeit products

Authena, a start-up based in Zug, has developed a technology to prevent product counterfeiting. Now the the company has acquired a major customer in Lonza Specialty Ingredients – and a new financing round is about to be completed

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Jun 04
Friday, Jun 04, 2021 , Alessandro Tacconelli

Partnership with Authena – Lonza relies on blockchain

The agrochemical and pharmaceutical supplier Lonza wants to optimize agricultural supply chains with the help of the blockchain. A pilot project in Brazil is showing how to prevent pesticides counterfeiting. A rollout in Switzerland is already being planned.

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Jun 01
Tuesday, Jun 01, 2021 , Alessandro Tacconelli

Lonza relies on blockchain to fight counterfeit phytosanitary products

Lonza, the Swiss company active in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, wants to optimize agricultural supply chains using blockchain. A pilot project in Brazil is exploring this technology to fight against counterfeit phytosanitary products. Deployment in Switzerland is already planned.

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May 31
Monday, May 31, 2021 , Alessandro Tacconelli

Schweizer Startup schützt Landwirtschaft vor Milliarden-Verlusten

Lonza Specialty Ingredients geht strategische Partnerschaft mit Schweizer Startup Authena ein, um seine Produkte zu schützen und die Transparenz in den Lieferketten durch Blockchain-basierte Technologien zu erhöhen.

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Apr 20
Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021 , Alessandro Tacconelli

Tavar incontra Authena

Quando un cliente sceglie Tavar deve sentirsi protetto e avere la certezza di affidarsi a un prodotto di altissima qualità. Per questo motivo ci siamo legati ad Authena, azienda svizzera ideatrice di una piattaforma basata sulla blockchain, capace di rivoluzionare il modo in cui i brand proteggono i loro prodotti, la loro reputazione e i […]

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Apr 12
Monday, Apr 12, 2021 , Alessandro Tacconelli

Von diesen leuten hat vielleicht einer die jahrhundert-idee

Frankfurt/Main – Gründer mit coolen Ideen gesucht! Trotz Corona-Pandemie findet der Gründerpitch der HSG Alumni (Hochschule St. Gallen) auch 2021 statt. In einer spannenden Zoom-Konferenz wurden jetzt schon 20 Halbfinalisten ermittelt.

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Jan 18
Monday, Jan 18, 2021 , Alessandro Tacconelli

These are the Top Blockchain Companies in Europe (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Europe based Blockchain companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Blockchain industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow. We tried to pick companies across the size spectrum from cutting edge startups to established brands.

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Dec 09
Wednesday, Dec 09, 2020 , Alessandro Tacconelli

Lonza é pioneira em tecnologia para melhorar a rastreabilidade e a autenticidade de produtos para a proteção de culturas

Como em todos os setores, as relações no setor de proteção de culturas dependem da confiança. Os produtores precisam ter certeza que os produtos que utilizam são genuínos e que podem ter a garantia de ter um fornecimento confiável no futuro. Por outro lado, os fabricantes querem ajudar os clientes a utilizar seus bens e […]

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Nov 23
Monday, Nov 23, 2020 , Alessandro Tacconelli

Lonza and Authena team up to improve crop protection

Lonza Crop Protection and the Swiss start-up company Authena are pioneering digital technology to improve product traceability and authenticity of crops. The technology will initially be piloted as a prototype in Brazil.

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Nov 19
Thursday, Nov 19, 2020 , Alessandro Tacconelli

Lonza joins forces with Authena to improve traceability and authenticity in crop protection

As in every other sector, relationships in the crop protection industry depend on trust. Farmers need assurance that the products they are using are genuine, and that they can be guaranteed to receive a reliable future supply. Manufacturers, meanwhile, want to help customers use their goods and services correctly, safely and in the most efficient […]

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