Authna l1ve Tracking in REAL-TIME

End-to-end supply chain visibility

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Tracking in REAL-TIME

each product across countries and distribution channels

product location

Autonomous, miniaturized, rechargeable tracker

to globally monitor in real time product location and environmental conditions at single unit level.

monitoring location product

AI enabled, interactive manufacturer dashboard

to steer the entire supply chain, featuring embedded alerts and advanced analytics.

AUTHENA L1VETM: The Game Changer

Brands turn each product into an autonomous tracking device, which also enables:

  • Self-detection of diversion attempts
  • Activation of real time omni-channel inventory management
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Increase of product availability

A “world first” capability for brands to steer supply chains.

All you can do on the most powerful IoT platforms for cargo monitoring, with Authena L1VETM, now at the individual product level!

tracks in real-time


AUTHENA L1VETM tracks in real-time:

  • Location and motion
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Pressure and light exposure
    and more...


AUTHENA L1VETM fully works:

  • In every country of the world
  • Across country borders
  • In remote areas, with limited connectivity

Explore the full potential of innovation at the service of your business!

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