Shipment Security for products – NFC tags & real-time tracking

17 Aug, 2021
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Ensuring that your products are shipped safely and securely is critical. If products go missing and there is a lack of security in place, it could put a company out of business. Revenue will be lost, and it could mean that the security of your business could be at high risk. Thus, read on to discover more about secure shipping, logistics, and the best ways to keep shipments safe.

What is a secure shipment?

A secure shipment is traceable and reliable from start to finish. A secure shipment will involve a reliable courier and security logistics, such as NFC tags and real-time tracking, which will be discussed here. 

Using secure courier companies will result in your product being safe from the beginning to the end of your shipment. The company will ensure that your product is secure from the moment they collect it from your business. From there, the product will be transported adopting a set of security measures such as alarmed vehicles. To further enhance the security of your shipments, it will help to use tracking. 

Secure shipments will involve a door-to-door service so that the product is at less risk of going missing or being stolen. Using a reliable and registered company will provide your business with the safest and most secure shipping logistics.

security of supply of high value products

Why is shipment security important for logistics?

Security is crucial for logistics to ensure the protection of customer and business data. With the growing means of digital devices, there is a high risk of exposure to cyber attacks

Protecting information by increasing security will ensure the safe delivery of products in a shipment, freight or cargo. When a product is protected with NFC tags and tracking, it is less likely to be tampered with as the automatic updates will warn the servers and the product will be found, as will the intruder. Additionally, when monitoring the supply chain, we can track where the shipment has been compromised. 

Security will protect your business from cyberattacks, which will protect data, not hinder sales, prevent hacks and reduce the risk of brand danger. 

Another benefit of using modern security methods such as NFC tags is that outdated systems are much more vulnerable to hacking. Whereas modern technologies are more difficult to intercept and tamper with. Investing in sophisticated security measures such as NFC tags and real-time trackers will improve security as well as logistics. 

real-time tracking of product delivery

What helps keep shipments safe?

The most effective way to keep shipments safe is to use real-time tracking. This can be achieved via IoT devices such as geo-locators or NFC tags. The first ones actively collect and store data on their position via GPS and through cellular networks While an NFC tag is a physical-digital label that is attached to your product before shipping it out. Every time this is tapped by a mobile device, through the device itself it automatically updates digital product data and accurate location. 

Supporting supply chain transparency

NFC tags also have built-in security measures so that product information cannot be manipulated during freight delivery, ensuring that the business is providing the customer with an authentic product. This way, the supply chain will become transparent and customers can be confident that their money is well spent. From the moment they order a product, they will know that nobody can tamper with it. Plus, it has less chance of being misplaced as it is easy to track around the clock. 

Real-time traceability ensures that businesses can know where their products are at all times. They will not have to worry about hindering their brand reputation as shipments will always be guaranteed and safe. 

How do we track products in real-time?

Real-time product tracking helps companies guarantee on-time delivery to international customers. Plus, it ensures that products are less likely to be misplaced. 

secure shipment at the consumer's siteAuthena provides real-time tracking through transportation security measures such as geo-locators and NFC tags. The combination of these IoT devices allows manufacturers to receive automatic location updates of their high value products. This not only revolutionizes brands, but also improves the customer’s experience. It grants traceability and ensures that the products are not counterfeited. 

Real-time tracking label

To track products and to guarantee its integrity and authenticity, a tag needs to be placed on each single product. Tags are the simplest and most effective way to track anything (such as the safety of goods at shippers). An NFC tag cannot be easily tampered with, which makes it more secure than alternative tagging solutions such as barcodes, QR codes and data matrices. NFC tags will keep a product safe and sealed from start to finish. The location provided allows for securing goods on a global scale.

NFC tags are also permanently secured to products, meaning that they will not need to be taken off to use the product. For example,they can be placed on the outer packaging closures, which means your product can always be tracked, even after receiving and consuming it. Sensors can be attached to many products without being limited to the industry.

How do NFC labels and geolocators help with safe delivery?

NFC tags and labels allow the sharing of data between the product and a technological device (computer or phone). Due to the NFC tag being able to be shipped, the sender and receiver can always track its location and whereabouts at any interaction with a mobile device. Thus, your product will always be visible along the different actors of the supply chain that interact with its tag.

Providing product information

On the other hand, geolocators offer real-time tracking as the data is constantly collected and securely stored. Data is automatically made accessible to brands via a powerful dashboard so that they can have full control of their product value chain. This type of real-time traceability offers accurate information both on location and environmental conditions of all transport and storing phases. 

company protected against counterfeiting

Sensors with NFC technology

NFC tags are a great investment to ensure that your products are not counterfeited, refilled, diluted, tampered with, or misplaced. Geolocators are perfect to avoid smuggling, product diversion and temperature monitoring for instance. You will be able to ensure that your products are always safe and secure during transportation. Each product should be given a unique NFC tag so that the system can track it individually. They are also highly durable, meaning that they last a long time so that businesses can get the most for their money when improving their shipping logistics. 

Delivery security solutions for businesses

For businesses looking for the best ways to secure shipments of products, Authena NFC tags and real-time monitoring technologies provide easy and reliable traceability solutions. In addition to that, the adoption of Authena technology framework enables brands to guarantee integrity and authenticity of their product to their customers, whilst engaging with them via a direct communication channel enabling marketing and loyalty campaigns. Take care of your products and be secured in your industry today.

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