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Authena Sport maximizes revenue opportunities for clubs, federations, athletes and IP rights holders by providing a unique channel solution for engaging with fans and supporters.

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For sport leagues, entertainment companies, players and artists, Web3 can be a game changer in

  • establishing ownership & IP rights
  • building direct relationships
  • engaging and co-creating with fans’ communities


  • Authenticate memorabilia at the authorized source
  • Create digital certificate of ownership over a physical item to be redeemed in the future
  • Launch limited editions of sport collectables to celebrate certain milestones or historic successes and engage fans
  • And much more ...
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  • Authena for klub Crvena zvezda
  • Authena Adidas
  • Metaverse
  • NFC forum Authena

How security features work in sport memorabilia

RED STAR basketball jersey

Sport items & merchandise are equipped with patented smart tags to provide each memorabilia with a unique physical-digital identity, while allowing fans to claim their web3 wearables with a simple tear off.

These tags are designed to resist cloning, and any tapering attempt compromises product authentication irreversibly.

encryption basketball jerseys RED STAR

Through the encryption process on blockchain, each sports item is assigned to a protected digital identity and a unique owner.

each basketball jerseys RED STAR

Each product identifier allows fans to interact with the item through their smartphone and to access to unique content and exclusive experiences.

shirt, ball, shoe


  • Phygital product to be enjoyed both in the physical and in the digital worlds
  • Guarantee of authenticity
  • Protection of ownership
  • Geo-tracking enabled


  • Disruptive communication channel
  • Secondary sale’s additional revenues
  • New fans’ insights collection
  • New channel of communication and fan engagement
  • Turn physical official sport items into exclusive collections to increase their value for the fans community
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AI enabled tool that allows brands to steer the entire supply chain in real-time. A GDPR-compliant web portal to store and verify products info, ensuring data transparency and allowing digital audits, live alerts and advanced analytics.