A winery built on the love for wine, passed down through generations

The Valentini family has been connected to the City of Montefalco by history and personal experiences for over one hundred years.
The background is Umbria, a region that is rich in history and culture, where the act of every farmer is full of folk wisdom, simplicity, passion and sacrifice.
Bocale in dialect, is a term used to indicate a two-liter mug of wine or olive oil, but also the name by which this family of Montefalco has always been known.
The productions of Montefalco Rosso and Montefalco Sagrantino are authentic expressions of an innovation in the tradition, where the fruits of nature are mixed with the perfection and simplicity of human gestures.

Main characteristics of production

Almost 6 hectares of vineyards give birth to an average annual production of 30,000 bottles. Central elements to the philosophy behind Bocale are the respect given to environmental cycles and the handcrafted process that makes the wine such a natural product full of personality.The vineyard is treated with natural grass regeneration techniques, using only organic and mineral fertilizers without the use of chemical products or herbicides. The fermentation takes place exclusively with native yeasts and the wine is bottled without prior microfiltration and thermal stabilization. The energy used for the entire production comes from renewable sources using a photovoltaic system.


Bocale, Italy, Umbria
Bocale, Italy, Umbria
Bocale, Italy, Umbria
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