Il Chiosso

Wines from upper Piedmont

Our vineyards are displaced over the whole Northern Piedmont area, where the Sesia river marks the natural boundary between the provinces of Vercelli and Novara, and divides the hills of Gattinara DOCG and Ghemme DOCG.
Historically the “Chiosso”, in Northern Piedmont represents a vineyard that is bordered by a wall made of stones. This practice indicates the importance that winemakers attribute to a particular cru for its propensity to produce unique wines. Abstracting this concept we wanted to build a winery able to excel in the quality of all denominations vinified in the Gattinara area.

We are absolutely convinced that the Upper Piedmont terroir can give incredible wines in any aspect.
We have set ourselves the goal to cultivate personally the vineyards
in the most absolute respect for nature and its rhythms,
in the most traditional ways.


Il Chiosso, Italy, Piedmont
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Il Chiosso, Italy, Piedmont
Il Chiosso, Italy, Piedmont
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