Authena AG is the first provider of a highly innovative end-to-end technology framework for brand product security and product tracing. 

We provide a comprehensive system that allows companies to provide secure and traceable product safety within global sales structures. The technology comprises of blockchain technologies, together with specialized and customizable tags, transponders, geo-locators and environmental sensors. We are the inventors of this innovative, smart, end-to-end technology framework (European and US Patent Pending) – a technology of the future.

We offer a trustworthy solution built over three solid technological pillars:

  1. Authena physical-digital seal: That consists of Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to create customized tags with associated encrypted information to protect products. Authena physical-digital seal’ differs from QR codes or barcodes in functionality, readability and security: offering an innovative solution for protecting brands and products.

  1. ‘Authena physical-digital seal’ resists cloning. Information contained is encrypted and designed to prevent fraud and counterfeiting attempts.

  2. ‘Authena physical-digital seal’ can’t be removed, if taken out automatically becomes unusable.

  1. Digital Twin: Once the product is sealed with Authena physical-digital seal, a digital twin is created on the virtual world. The digital twin is a dynamic digital representation of the secured physical product, making its state and information easily verifiable by simply tapping in with a smartphone and obtaining trustworthy information. Digital identities created with ‘Authena – IoT’ evolve and follow the lifecycle of the physical products (product information, security characteristics, instructions, expiry dates, warnings, etc.).

  1. Blockchain & ‘Smart Contracts’: (to rule them all!) Blockchain technology takes the leading role in providing transparency, trust and temper-proof characteristics to the entire system. Today we have thousands of digital twins and physical products around the world that are controlled, managed, saved and tracked by different ‘Authena Smart Contracts’ deployed on Blockchain. Each ‘Authena Smart Contract’ takes the role of collecting evidence of every interaction between the digital and the physical world, and keeping anonymous and auditable evidence of what happens with the secured products (product state, geolocalization, consumption, interactions, etc.)

In Authena we are proud of our tech-development, and our technical team which is the heart of our company. We succeed on providing an effective low-cost implementation, entirely reliable for connecting the physical world to the perpetual blockchain digital one (with no QR or barcodes that can be easily copied and counterfeited; and no blockchain private consortiums or networks).